Frequently Asked Questions

What types of DNA samples are suitable for the paternity test?
We use DNA samples taken with cotton wool sticks, which are taken from the mouth from the mucous membrane of the cheek.
With cotton wool sticks, DNA samples can be taken quickly and simply. DNA samples can also be taken from the blood, but we are not currently offering this option. The results of both blood and saliva samples are completely the same.

Are there age restrictions for DNA sampling?
There are no age restrictions. Human DNA does not change over the years, so DNA samples can be taken to determine paternity as soon as a person is born.

Are DNA samples taken with cotton wool sticks as reliable as blood samples?
So. The DNA structure of the cotton wool sticks and the samples taken from the blood are completely identical. Therefore, the results of the paternity test are the same for both samples. Samples taken with cotton sticks are even more desirable, because if a person under examination has recently undergone a blood transfusion, the donor’s DNA structures may also occur in his blood.

How can I pay for DNA tests?
The DNA test can be paid using the provided bank reference or by credit card.

Are the test results provided by the company ‘DNA Test’ suitable for use in court?
The paternity tests we offer are designed to satisfy our curiosity. Since we cannot verify who owns specific DNA samples, the results of their examination are not suitable for legal disputes in court. DNA samples are taken by the customers themselves.

What should I do if I want to book a paternity test?
If you want to book a paternity test, all you need to do is visit the website, choose the right test, pay for it and follow the instructions in the test kit sent to you.

Can the paternity test be performed without a mother?
So. It is recommended to include the mother in the DNA test, but this is optional. The inclusion of the mother in the DNA paternity test helps simplify the process, as it then rejects half of the child’s DNA structure and only half of the child’s DNA structure needs to be compared to the dna structure of the potential parent. The inclusion of the mother in the DNA test does not increase the accuracy of the results of this test. If the child being examined is a minor (i.e. under 18), both parents must give their consent to the study.

Does the paternity test require judicial authorization?
A paternity test does not require judicial authorization.

Does your company ensure complete privacy when delivering results?
So. Ensuring privacy is our top priority and all processes are organized so that the lab preserves the full privacy of our customers.

When will I get the results?
DNA test results shall be sent within a maximum of 10 working days.

What is the paternity test?
The DNA paternity test helps determine whether a man is the biological father of a child or not. All people inherit genetic code, or DNA, from their two biological parents. A DNA test compares a child’s DNA structure with that of a potential father. This determines whether the child and the potential parent are biologically related or not. Upon delivery of the samples in the laboratory, Asper Biotech AS shall form a genetic profile of each person being tested and verify that the child has inherited his or her DNA from the potential parent.

Is DNA testing accurate?
If the result is positive, Asper Biotech AS guarantees a result with an accuracy of at least 99.9%. If the result is negative– with an accuracy of 100.00%.

How can I see the results?
You will receive the test results no later than within 10 working days at your e-mail address.

At what age can children take the test?
The age of the child is not important for DNA sampling.

How do I know if I’m doing the right thing by taking DNA samples?
The test kit we sent is very easy to use because it contains the necessary instructions that describe the entire sampling process in a consistent manner. It is important to follow the instructions, take DNA samples from the desired person and properly mark the samples taken.

How to maintain the confidentiality of the paternity test?
The kit we send you will reach you in a confidential unmarked envelope. There are no logos or inscriptions on the envelope that indicate that the letter is in any way related to DNA testing. Since confidentiality is very important to us, the test results will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you.